Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Frogger is alive and well!

The pond is usually frozen well into March but has all ready been thawed for a couple of weeks.  Today while I was outside I noticed bubbles rising from the water near the waterfall.  We were blessed with baby koi and goldfish and thought maybe it was them but upon closer observation it was one of our frogs.  He was trying to hide in some rocks.  I don't know why he was making bubbles and I probably don't want to know but it was exciting to see him back again.  I can't wait to see if he starts croaking tonight!

This isn't a very good picture but here he is.

From the first season we had water in our pond it became home to a frog, and then 2, and then .....  He would announce the arrival of spring by croaking his little heart out every evening starting at 9:00 until 10:00 - just like clock-work. After a few weeks another frog joined him in the pond and the chorus continued in harmony. Well, a little croaking goes a long way, especially when you are trying to go to sleep. Our neighbor would yell out his back window telling us to 'shut that ******* frog up'! He was really a very nice man but the croaking just drove him crazy. Fortunately, the croaking only lasts about 4 weeks but has occured every year for the last five years.

Last year was the first time we noticed baby frogs when they started sunning themselves on the lily pads.

The weather is suppose to be close to record highs through next week so I will keep an eye out for his companion's return.


  1. How truly delightful...tell the guy nest door to buy ear plugs;)

  2. Peggy, I love to sit out on an early spring evening and listen to the frogs "in the distance" but when they move up next to the house well lets just say for several weeks I sleep with the radio on ... (LOL) - G

  3. Hello
    I love frogs.The concerts are pure recreation for me.but my nice neighbors don´t like them.......Your pond pleases me very well.What kind of a plant on the pond?Greetings from Sandra

  4. How cool is that! AWesome! I love frogs..their song is so are lucky ! Enjoy!

  5. Sandra, the plants on the pond are water hyacinths, water lettuce, and a tropical lily.

  6. I live across the road from a nature preserve - to me, the true sign of spring is when the froggies all start to sing. We ride our horses past their bog. First they're all singing. Then total silence as we get close. You get the weird feeling there's a few thousand eyes watching us from the mud as we trot by. :))

  7. We love hearing your frogs croaking.....even if some of your neighbors don't!

  8. Hello Peggy, Thank you for visiting and introducing yourself so I could find you here. Exciting times are here with our continued 50 degree days in Oregon and little garden seeds beginning to poke their heads from beneath the soil. Your wonderful neighbor might want to get some ear plugs for once the frogs come to the pond...well...

    Hope your weekend was a good one and look forward to your posts. Diana

  9. Hi Peggy! What a delightful post this was. I enjoy reading your blog :) I'm also curious to hear more about the chicken coop!
    I see you are a Master Gardener. I'm contemplating taking the course here in Illinois. Perhaps you could help inspire me ;)

  10. I laughed out loud reading about your neighbor and the frog croaking.

    I know I'm old, but for the life of me I couldn't find the frog in the first photo, even when I enlarged it.

    Enjoy your little bit of global warming there in Idaho. A little warmth sounds mighty good to me right about now.


  11. Oh the sounds of croaking frogs!! I too love it. Bring on the croaks. Your pond looks so inviting for critters.


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