Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bush Clover - Lespedeza thunbergii

Connie, the beautiful purple weeping plant is a bush clover or lespedeza thunbergii. It starts blooming in late July or early August and will bloom until a hard frost. I really wasn't impressed when I bought the plant because it looked like skinny twigs but it took off over the summer and grew into this wonderful bush that weeps into our pond. Each spring I prune it back to about 4 inches and by late summer it looks like this!


  1. Thanks for the info and close up photo, to boot!
    Sounds like my kind of plant. I like weeping anything. :-)

  2. What an intriguing plant! I love it! Seems very enchanting to me! Lovely photo!

  3. Hi Peggy, Wonder why did someone give this beautiful plant that name 'weeping'. Your photographs do bring out the individuality of each subject that you have taken pictures of. More power to your camera lens


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